Ease Your Cash Flow Crunch!

It’s exciting to start your own business.

Many people are motivated to start a new business to pursue a passion, improve their work/life balance, or because they have a great idea for a new product or service. Yet, small business owners wear many hats and often do not have enough time to invest in their business. Some of the major pain points for a business owner include cash flow, finding expertise and resources to fuel their operations, running reports, analyzing data, and securing funding.

Intuit® recently worked with Laurie McCabe from the SMB Group to create “What Small Businesses Need to Know to Ease the Cash flow Crunch” that details how important Cash Flow is to small businesses. The SMB Group is a market research and consulting firm that provides insight and guidance about how, and why, SMBs and mid-market customers discover, evaluate, compare and buy technology-related sources.

Cash Flow is extremely important for any business and is reshaping how everything gets done, from hiring employees to buying more supplies to paying their bills. Download the report for more information on how Cash Flow influences the larger small business landscape.